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Avoid VistaPrint Website Builder Service like the Plague it is! 

Please excuse me while I rant a bit, and also learn from my sad experience. Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to build a website through VistaPrint. VistaPrint is just fine for inexpensive business cards, banners and such, but their website builder service caused me more than half a year of anguish. It didn’t work for me at all and VistaPrint also registered my domain name without notification or permission. Even after I bought my own domain name back, VistaPrint continued to run an unauthorized advertisement for their web builder on my website until yesterday. I hope you didn’t see it and I hope it is gone forever. Please let me know if it pops up again. There is at least one good website builder service for non-techies and I will be happy to recommend it, with instructions, after I have used it for a while. If you want more information about the VistaPrint services, enter VistaPrint Website Fraud into your favorite search engine.